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always great food

Mark, 30 Oct 2019


Natalie, 27 Oct 2019

Always good food

Christina, 28 Sep 2019

Fav takeaway!

Frederika, 04 Sep 2019

Very good

Razvan, 28 Jul 2019

The website is now more secure and you can place an order before opening. I This is a huge improvement.

Tony, 20 Jul 2019

Best curry I’ve ever had. I order the red Thai prawn it’s unreal !

Carrie, 13 Jul 2019

Excellent food, delivered promptly, and accommodating of our requests.

Adrian Bartlett, 09 Jul 2019


Jamie, 21 Jun 2019

Hi there, I came in this evening and had a massaman curry in the restaurant which was delicious and I ordered a green papaya salad to take out with me. The waitress had reassured me that the salad was vegan and her service was fantastic. As soon as I finished my meal, the salad was being prepared fresh which I appreciated. However, I requested my food to be prepared vegan and this salad is not. I only realized when I was on the bus back to my hotel as the sauce leaked a little in my bag and it reeked of fish. There is fish sauce in the salad and I can't eat it which is disappointing, especially when it's not exactly cheap. I thought the service provided by the waiters was excellent but this unfortunate mistake ruined my experience in your restaurant. I'm not sure if a refund is possible but I thought you should receive the feedback anyways. Thank you, Sandra

Sandra Milne, 20 Jun 2019

took over an hour to deliver 2 pad Thai and a beef salad!! decided to give it one last try but honestly a waste of time

Andrew Frost, 16 Apr 2019

Lovely food!!


Lovely food and quality but takes to long, I'm hungry! Lol


Thanks for keeping to pre arranged time.

Murray Truman,

Arrived quickly and very tasty! Would order again!! Food was nice and hot unlike some other takeaways


Excellent food and always so fresh, best in the area

Wendy ,

Food was delicious, fast delivery! Would recommend 100%

Georgia ,

Delicious food consistently, whatever you order...


Food was nice, it's a shame the delivery was so slow, 2 hours, which may put us off ordering again unfortunately


The food was excellent the wait wasn't as great.

Victoria ,

Lovely Thai !


Great customer service and delicious food.

Denise Tatiana Freitas,

It was all extremely tasty. Will definitely order again. A real treat. Only negative was the crackers were a bit chewy and not crispycrunchy.

Michelle Barnes,

The food is absolutely excellent, and the standards never seem to drop when I order the Paenang. Keep it up and don't change. Also, love the new website.



Lorna Proops,

Delicious, fresh, high quality ingredients.